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Drafting & Construction Specialties Inc.

​We have completed many remodeling projects in the El Paso area. From kitchens and bathrooms in our client’s home, to creating beautiful outdoor spaces that become an extension of the home.  We take a lot of time gathering samples of countertop material, tile material, and flooring. We assist in choosing the right paint finish and color for your walls, doors, crown molding, baseboards and millwork. We know that the structure part is very important, but the way a room is finished and the way it feels after all the work is complete is essential.

We work mostly with suppliers in El Paso, but do have some other out of town options as well for a greater variety. We can help you choose unique products, and still stay within your budget.

Your imagination is the limit.

 We have a great deal of experience in Commercial tenant improvements. As a team, we are devoted to sustain our reputation for quality work that meets the needs of the owners, and tenants. We have had experience with improvements for beauty salons, medical  offices, restaurants, and commercial office buildings. We strive to get the work done on time and stay within the project budget.